UFO Sighting in Silver City, New Mexico on 2016-11-09 00:00:00 – Noticed upight oval shaped white lights w/yellow upper right. red light ball ejected downward. moved to right – disappeared

I was in bed, woke up and looked out back windows. observed an oval shaped series of white lights.The oval was on end as opposed to horizontal. the lights were stationary and unchanged until a red flarelike object was ejected towards 7 o’clock. a yellow light at 1;30 o’clock then came on for a couple of seconds. the lights “zoomed” in towards the house on two occasions with a bright light in the center coming on during one of the zooms. after about 1 hour it moved horizontally from one window frame into another where it remained until gradually disappearing altogether.
there was a”balloon” festival in deming, about 55 miles away in the general direction of the lights. auto dealers sometimes put up a large weather type
balloon for advertising, but did not notice anything in the air when daylight came.

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