UFO Sighting in Yoncalla, Oregon on 1971-11-20 19:01:00 – Sitting in living room watching tv, saw cigar shape with lights over small mt less than a mile away. quickly disappeared into the air. i saw the trees in front of it as silhouette

I was 13 years old, while sitting in the living room watching tv, i saw a cigar shape with lights encircling it. it came from behind a step hill, i could see the silhouette of the trees in front. momentarily the top of the hill lit up and turned from white to red and disappeared upwards. i was less than a mile from it. i yelled for my parents to come but by then it was gone. my aunt and uncle and cousin said they had witnessed something cigar shape moving over their trailer park with similar lights but only making a hum noise. the lived about a half mile from our home in the country.

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