UFO Sighting in Blanchardville, Wisconsin on 2016-11-14 19:00:00 – Loud rumbling, plane lights and anomalous lights during the super moon.

There was a very loud, rumbling plane sound outside. my boyfriend went out onto the deck of the house after our dog reacted to the noise by walking to the sliding glass door and wanting to go onto the deck. my boyfriend then asked me to join him on the deck. i knew it was urgent as he asked me firmly and repeatedly. i went out and saw a plane’s lights heading west to east on the right side of the full moon. the plane was high in altitude and appeared to be a normal plane. we were facing south. the rumbling sound was abnormally loud. the volume and duration of the rumbling sound made me say “this isn’t right”. for a moment i thought a plane was going to crash. i went in to grab my phone and came back out. i then saw a new flashing light move from west to east toward the high altitude plane. the flash of the new light wasn’t right either. it was like a camera flash or a strobe flash. it flashed a fast bright white, moved, flashed a single flash again, moved, etc. the light moved quickly in the general direction of the plane and then moved below and beyond it towards the east. the light then made a quick, tight u-turn and headed back to the west. it moved across the sky and then moved along the tree line and disappeared. this light moved across a 60 degree section of the sky and back in a few seconds. the way it flashed a bright light when it was closest to us was almost stunning. very bright and white. when this occurred i said to my boyfriend something along the lines of “holy shit, something is going on”. the complete movement of the light took it under and to the east of the full moon and then back again.

my boyfriend saw more of these lights when he went out just prior to me. he saw what he said were “way too many lights and planes in one section of the sky.” he mentioned seeing one amber light make a 45 degree angle turn. that is when he strongly urged me to get onto the deck. my boyfriend is rather skeptical about most unexplained phenomena and he considers this event to be a sighting of something anomalous. when he first went onto the deck he thought there were planes with regular lights in addition to the anomalous bright lights. he felt the anomalous lights were reacting to something by the way they moved.

i thought i was taking a video after i grabbed my phone, but one wasn’t recorded (i may have hit the wrong button). my boyfriend’s phone was dead this morning. he feels that there still should have been some battery charge left in the device.

my boyfriend of 19 years and i are professional artists. we were staying at my mother’s house in rural wi for a couple of nights in order to observe the super moon. we live in rockford, il. i have been fascinated with ufo’s since childhood. they are common narratives themes in my artwork.

on facebook today there was information about a mig-21 being in the rockford (il) area last night.


i have been a coast to coast am listener for 18 years, but haven’t reported a personal sighting before this event.

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