UFO Sighting in Donkin, Nova Scotia on 2016-09-26 00:00:00 – Strange. weather double rainbow ufo,black military plane(next day plane

Taking pictures of double rainbow,on front step has roof( no rain),i didn’t see it until looking over my images,unknown( wasn’t plane or helicopter,looks like advanced technology whatever it was,i got image o f it in motion too,and fast,directly flew to rainbow,after hour or so a strange lighting storm started( no rain,red lighting,have pic,the strikes were hitting same location over and over,i was excited when saw image,now if we send probes to other planets,then why wouldn’t aliens do the same,people are not taking this serious (maybe that is good,but really i understand governments need to keep some secrets but for example nasa camera on i.S.S,going to turn it of,i truly believe that our planet is very important to us,and the visitors,and next day a black big army plane flew over my house so low i could of hit it with golf ball if i was that accurate,and turned exactly where object was

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