UFO Sighting in Missouri on 2016-11-13 00:00:00 – Orbs in early morning sky

On opening day of deer firearms season i was sitting in the dark looking up like i always do. movement caught my eye as i noticed a bright star that was not stationary. it slowly moved back and forth in the sky. eventually it moved behind the treeline and i lost it. the next morning, i went to a different spot on the property and sat in the tree stand. what looked like a plane headed straight for me shone bright in the sky. after a few minutes the light appeared to stop all forward movement. i found it a bit puzzling as to why this light stopped its path of travel across the sky. i thought i must have been seeing things. maybe it was never moving in the first place. five or so minutes later, the light started moving. left, right,up,down,hover for a bit, then start moving again. at this time i am convinced based on its movements someone is either looking for deer or trespassers on their property. i then saw another orb in the distance making the rounds further out just around the treeline. two people with drones, scouting property in the dark at 5:00 a.M. made sense at the time. i watched the orb closest to me for over an hour. as the sun began to rise, it began to move less and less. i couldn’t wait for sunrise to see from what property these drones came. as daybreak progressed, the bright ball of light seemed to get further and further away. by now it was the only thing visible in the sky for several minutes after the other stars vanished. it slowly and steadily shrank in size until it simply disappeared. i have no idea what it was. this was the third time in the last four years i have seen orbs in the sky and along the treeline. if it was drones. they were super quiet as i was in the woods in the country..Dead silence. i am still perplexed.

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