Brazilian Government UFO Documents: “Documentos sobre perseguição de caça da FAB à UFO em 1983, em Porto das Caixas (RJ)” (“Documents on the FAB hunt of UFO in 1983, in Porto das Caixas (RJ)”)

(Brazilian Air Force, Brasilia, Brazil)
Source: Revista UFO (Brazilian UFO Magazine), Campo Grande,
Brazil (
Text by Revista UFO (including the blog post headline) (translated by Google Translate):
“Documents on the chase of an FAB (Brazilian Air Force) fighter jet of a UFO that was being observed in the region of Porto das Caixas. The object was not being picked up on the radars. The object was filmed from the fighter jet interceptor during the hunt. The case occurred on October 31, 1983.”

Satellite photo of Porto das Caixas, Brazil (
( photo)

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