UFO Landing in Kansas on 2016-11-16 12:18:00 – Out at farm at mid day feeding millie the cow and was kidnapped by some orbs who paralized me and kiled my cow

So i was out in the pasture with my cow. i had turned around to walk home when i heard a humming and a large thump. i turned, and there was a large space craft that had landed on my cow. this strange action, killed my favorite cow. (rip millie, you will be missed.) i wept and some weird orbs came out of the ship and paralyzed me. they then proceed to wrap their misty arms around me and take me back to the ship. inside they started to probe deep into my most personal thoughts and memories. they placed me back where they had found me. i felt very violated and confused. please write me back if you have had a similar experience. also my cow witnessed the part up until it died.

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