UFO Sighting in Forest, Virginia on 2016-11-13 00:00:00 – I was taking a picture of the supermoon on sunday, nov. 13th and when i went to look at the picture i took this item was in the picture?

I was going outside to see the supermoon on sunday, nov 13th around 9-10 pm. i took a picture of the moon and had my cell phone camera on zoom. after taking the picture i noticed something with a purple color in my picture. i enlarged it on my phone and it is a pink color and the sky was clear that night, there were no clouds at all. there was nothing reflecting on it. i took the picture from my back deck without any lights on and my door was closed behind me with no lights on in the house that could reflect anything on the picture. plus my cell phone camera was pointing towards the sky and nothing low to the ground. not sure what this is and a co-worker told me to send it to you to see what you think. i at first thought it might be something with my lens on the cell phone camera but i have taken a lot of pictures and i have never had this happen on any of them. i try to keep my cell phone clean and i have taken many shots at night, nothing ever showed up like this. plus i took more pictures on monday night nov. 14th of the moon and it was cloudy that night but i still didn’t have anything like this on the pictures i took on monday night.

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