UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2016-11-10 12:02:00 – Viewed from 48th floor conference room in 3 allen center. took pictures and video with phone. still stationary when wife left.

Wife told me of the event and showed me pictures and video taken with her phone. i did not witness the even personally. i am reporting it for her as told to me on the same day of the even, november 10, 2016. she told me it happened at noon and that is verified by the time stamp on the pictures taken with her phone.
she was walking past the conference room on the 48th floor of a downtown houston, tx building and noticed through the glass interior wall something odd in the sky outside the building that was large, silver and shining. she stepped into the conference room and went to the windows. at first she thought it might be a helicopter or blimp because it was stationary and looked like it had a large bubble front like some helicopters or a blimp like bullet shape but not quite right for one and did not have a gondola for passengers. also the weather was threatening with storm clouds all around which she did not think was normal flying weather for blimp or helicopter. she decided that it was unusual enough to take a couple of pictures with her phone along with a short 40 second video. she had to leave as people were waiting on her and never saw what happened to the object. when she got home she showed me the photos and the video. we have had several people look at them under extreme magnification and no one can identify what the craft might be thus far.

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