UFO Sighting in Miami, Arizona on 2016-09-20 00:00:00 – Did not see ufo only bright light(beam)

This happened at haunted canyon. same area and spot(camp) as my last report from the orb from 2014. i went down again to see if i would witness the orb again or any other incident. since no one has been at the camp site in a quite awhile i had to retrieve the shovel from the cabin in order to dig out the fire pit. as i made my way back to camp i heard from behind me to the right, ” belong” i stopped looked to my right then to behind me in a full circle manor. i got the sense that something said that doesn’t, or you don’t belong here. later that night between 11pm-12am i awoke to my camp being illuminated in a very bright white light. i exited my tent to notice that almost as if the ground was covered in snow as how bright this light was. it was a full moon out but it doesn’t seem that the moon was big enough to cast such a bright light and was to high of an angle to cast the shadows. since the light seemed to be behind me rather then above where the moon was. soon after going back to bed, i heard a distant noise which sounded like a growl. this noise came from the right/east of me same area as where i orb in 2014. i looked out my tent to notice that this light seemed to be brighter. between 12am-1am. something hit my tent from where my head was. this did not hit my tent from above my head but rather behind my head(side wall)facing the direction of where the bright light seem to illuminate from. i immediately exited my tent in fear to raise the fire and began to pack up my gear and leave. i was in full survival/ get out of here, get home mode. i left at around 1:30am. it took me 5 hours to get back to my vehicle. and i was in such terror i did not look back and took brief less then 1 minute breaks to drink water on the way back. i was not safe and was focused on getting home. i reached my vehicle around 6am and begin to leave. since i was so exhausted from the hike out, the winding road leaving the trail head made me sick to which i had to pull over to vomit twice. this incident terrorized me. writing this out gives no justice to the fear that i felt. the light that illuminated my camp was so bright that it resembled the white of snow or paper, and seemed to be projected as a beam upon my tent rather then light from the moon. it was almost as if the ground shined or reflected the light back.

i have included a map and drawing of where the thud hit my tent and angle/direction of light in the attachments.

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