UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2016-11-17 15:45:00 – It was odd not to see wings on a jet, but i assumed it was the angle of vision. then i realized it didn’t have a tail either.

I was walking up a city street with groceries in hand, in the middle of a weekday afternoon. i initially thought i was observing a jet plane flying a slightly unusual route, but what really caught my eye was that i couldn’t see any wings.

other than that, it looked like a slightly narrow passenger jet, even thickness from front to back, (no bulges in the middle – it wasn’t a blimp, and was moving too fast to be one) flying steadily west at conventional speed and altitude. i stared, thinking it was just the angle in relation to where i was standing, that prevented me from seeing the wings, but in the moment or two i watched it fly across, i never caught even a glimpse of the wings. because i was initially so sure it was conventional, i didn’t bother setting down my groceries to snap a shot with my cell phone.

it’s sad, because moments after it passed from my field of vision, i realized one other thing: there was no tail. a tail would have been obvious no matter what the angle. that’s when i became certain that this was an unusual craft.

i also noted that i didn’t hear a typical jet plane sound, but with ambient street noise in a big city, that wasn’t a major factor in assessing the normalcy of the event.

the appearance was more or less consistent with a white plane on a bright, clear and sunny afternoon – no shifting, changing energy or spooky lights – it’s speed and direction were steady but not flying in the typical direction of a plane leaving local airports.

the fact that i couldn’t see any wings caught my eye immediately, but i kept staring, trying to see them. it was the eventual realization that it didn’t have a tail either, that lead me to think it was quite an unusual craft.

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