Black Triangle Sighting in California on 2016-11-17 18:19:00 – Multiple red and white blinking and pulsating lights hovering disappearing and reappearing surrounded by circling helicopter and plane.

I was enjoying a bonfire with my husband in our backyard. prior to the sun setting i had noticed a low flying helicopter. i dismissed it because fresno’s police have helicopters that frequent the area. as the stars came out and the sky darkened, i still noticed the helicopter flying over the same radius of about 4-5 blocks in a circle, sometimes right over the e. side of our neighbors back yard not 200 ft above. that’s when i became interested so i walked to the back n. side of our yard to look down the alley way towards the sky in the direction the helicopter was circling. i watched the helicopter and now a small white,maybe two passenger plane, that had also been circling the area before the sun went down as well, flying towards two red objects that were abruptly changing direction in what looked like evasive maneuvers to avoid or distract the helicopter and plane. the two objects were bright solid red and were changing directions quickly as we watched them and the helicopter and plane chasing them or observing them, disappear out of vision to the ne.

they disappeared and we went inside to watch the video in awe! i uploaded it from my husband’s phone and the still image of the video was literally zoomed in on the two red objects. shaking, adrenaline pumping, having just witnessed something like never before,i heard the helicopter return! so, i bolted back out with my husbands phone and proceeded to capture the helicopter circling around the blinking red and white, hovering, moving objects that are constantly changing direction abruptly and disappear and reappear as the helicopter gets closer towards them. i continued to record multiple videos showing the objects hovering and blinking and proceeding in a nw direction until out of vision. to the naked eye, i could only see blinking or solid light emitting objects. however, as i uploaded and watched the videos to my computer i noticed something very strange.

while the helicopter is circling, whatever is seemingly directly above the power lines that in the video is present that i did not see outside. a triangle shaped object with a red misty hue,resembling a jet with a blinking small white light at the tip of it and larger ball of white light on the middle lower side of it. as the helicopter circles in the video you can see it actually pass behind the object showing its shape and as this happens the smaller white blinking objects surrounding disappear and reappear as the helicopter directly seems to pass them.

after i uploaded all of the videos and watched and analyzed them last night. the initial video that had the two red objects being chased by the helicopter and plane was nowhere to be found. not even on my husbands phone. fortunately though i did take multiple videos that can be pieced together for evidence.

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