Black Triangle Sighting in San Diego, California on 2016-11-15 00:00:00 – It was black and moved slowely without being effected by turbulance. it had three lights on the bottom that didn’t blink, and what looked like to on the side point of the triangle, one random red light

1. we were in our 4th floor apartment watching television

2. i looked out at our view of the sky and noticed lights in the distance that looked like three lights in a row non blinking and didn’t budge like normal aircraft.

3. i knew that this was a ufo and was certain because it resembled nothing i have seen before.

4. it slowly moved in our direction west to east from above la jolla shores, as i filmed it it began to hove over us. its lights were solid and did not blink, except from one light that was red that would blink unlike other aeronautical blinking lights i have seen. there were two rectangular light illuminations on the side of the triangle that were located at the tip of a corner appearing to be a sort of cockpit. it did leave any trails, make any sounds when it traveled by.

5. my reaction was of gratitude and surprise. i was more annoyed that i couldn’t get a decent adjustment on my camera, nor did i think i had time to set up a tripod.

6. it eventually flew over our apartment building out of sight.

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