Black Triangle Sighting in Flint, Wales on 2016-11-19 21:06:00 – It appears when i leave the building, follows me, the super moon a moon half eclipse lights the aura glow was shining it flew through that lights and revealed itself briefly to be a triangle tr3b also witnessed clearly at 5am with a friend with a star

I just go walking daily when i get bored one day i took notice to the sky, i recognise the red lights that flashes in the middle with a crystal lights flashing, commercial planes at night that look like private jets are not planes because its front search lights come on but really it’s the pilots of the triangle then it comes over and different parts lights up indicating it’s crew and i have seen a reptilian in the centre of the craft in green. i have had abduction stages i have been awake before i slept and 2 lights came down when i was in hospital they were dark entitles came in the same room as me i seeen to monitors with a vision into a beautiful never never land garden like peters pan and a man is walkin towards me look like merlin or gandalf the wizard but it’s really jesus on the wall 2 gold thin legs and a stick was shown but no more than ankle height it was light up showing me a path. my friend has seen a fireball come from the moon and land on a hill in my town it’s. crystal lights when i have started at the aura light and it’s an angel with a small head big eyes and it’s flying with a cape a real angel as i walk the moon folllows me as i know it’s not a real moon it halo a triangle light also glowing. starnage events are happening to me i can’t explain it’s to big to write in person i can describe and even show what is going on. the men in black have passed me 2 times in a cadillac but not visited me, cowboy looking men in white minibuses waiting by a dock in prestatyn a different town another coincidence on my journeys, the special air service are around me i know they are by me and i have met a few as the military have quarantine the town not closed off but are acting as workers changing our town rebuilding as we have had a lottery grant fund. the crystal lights like orbs i see in the woods are the men in black before they appear i have seen them walkin around flintcastle but they haven’t come to me they are watching me. i never loose sight of it only day time it’s invisiable but really all the planes that do the same route that look like easy jet british airways are actually the triangle disguising itself. also black helicopters even the dragonfly bell sas merlin and a helicopter with no roof but u sit in alll sorts of gliders they have all been military black even i have seen jets in 3,s even an advance black jet that not even been told of but it’s black small andy it’s guns look like laser canons, a glider that makes a noise loud like a hornet.

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