UFO Sighting in Topeka, Kansas on 1973-09-15 22:00:00 – Witnessed a bright star turn red and shoot at incredible speed in a straight line disappearing in a fraction of a second

I was a passenger in a car traveling west on i-70 from kansas city, missouri. soon after leaving the city lights of kansas city, i noticed an unusually bright star high in the northern sky. i was leaning back on the car seat and that particular star was easily in my line of vision as we traveled west. we were passing through topeka, kansas – on a stretch of i-70 between the first st exit and west gate bridge, which in those days was a dark stretch at night. i was looking right at the star when it turned red and shot in a straight line into the west at an impossible speed. it went in a straight line so fast that it disappeared in a fraction of a second. i was astonished and excited and could not believe what i had just seen. the driver did not see it. i did not calm down for a few minutes as it was an amazing thing to witness. i have no idea what it was but i have never forgotten it. i have never seen anything move at that speed in the sky – ever.

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