Italian Government UFO Book Review Article: “UFO – I DOSSIER ITALIANI” (“UFO – The Italian Dossiers”)

By Pier Vittorio Romano, 28 March 2014
(Italian Air Force, Rome, Italy)
The whole translated article (by Google Translate):
“Of this universe we are not alone. This is the fact that emerges from the archive consultation ‘declassified’ the Air Force, the Armed Forces that is responsible for collecting all reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), better known as UFOs – Unidentified Flying Object or Unknown Flying Object. The journalists Lao Petrilli and Vincenzo Sinapi had access to this archive, allowing them to reveal, with this book as ‘the Italian UFO dossiers,’ a phenomenon for many still unknown which places the public on the existence of a dilemma of other forms of intelligent life in the Universe. They have been seven sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects registered on Italian skies, in 2013, Air Force: 56 reports from each region and of all kinds over the past four years, with a boom in 2010 (22) and progressive decline in 2011 (17) and 2012 (10). In the Air Force’s secret archives end up the most qualified sightings, usually those from witnesses who have complained to the police and filled out a very detailed form. This is forwarded to the Air Force, through its various departments – from the weather service to the operational commands – start technical investigation. If the mysterious object is not a weather balloon, a track plane by radar or at least a well-known phenomenon, then for all practical purposes it is classified as UFO, Unidentified Flying Object. A UFO, in fact. Which is not to say, of course, that the aliens are among us, but it just means that it was not possible to identify a natural or technical justification of that fact. Lao Petrilli, a journalist, working for RDS, for the Press and the Australian broadcaster SBS. Author Sinapi, of ‘Nasiriyah, the real story.’ He won the City of Salerno Journalism Award and the Antonio Russo Prize for Reportage. Vincenzo Sinapi, journalist, managing editor added the ANSA news. Since 1998 began to take an interest of the Armed Forces also ‘embedded’ alongside the Italian military in the main theaters of operations ‘outside the box.’ ”

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