UFO Sighting in Fillmore, California on 2016-10-18 00:00:00 – Glowing object in remote wilderness area at sunset

My son and i went for a drive on a rough, little-traveled mountain road into the condor sanctuary near fillmore on oct. 18, 2016. we stopped to take some photos of the sunset.

neither of us is sure whether we noticed the glowing object at the time. i recall that on our way home, he mentioned that he had seen a light in the distance, which he assumed to be a parked car. his photo does include some car lights on a distant highway, but it’s unlikely they would have appeared stationary or that he would have remarked on them.

when i noticed the object in my photos, i found it curious and joked that i had photographed a ufo, but i assumed it had a mundane explanation. several days later, my son showed me his own photo of the object. when he zoomed in, we saw what appear to be distinct lights on its surface.

when i zoomed in on my own shots, i could see the lights, but less clearly.

my son and i took our photos with our smartphones — identical samsung s6 galaxy models. i searched online for similar images, but when i failed to find a convincing explanation, i decided to send these shots to mufon for evaluation.

i have labeled my photos no. 1 and no. 2. my son’s photo is no. 3, and a zoomed-in version of that image, revealing the lights, is no. 4.

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