UFO Sighting in Grantsburg, Wisconsin on 2016-11-10 17:29:00 – Many craft and creatures ;started 10 nov 2016 ended 17 nov 2016 between 2 and 25 on each afternoon and night one large, very close.

the moon was very big and full. i was hunting at my property in ws. i stayed in my trailer and came in to camp at about 1730 each night. the first was a very bright white light covered craft. it was at about 500 ft up and moving from south to north. i noticed it at about 3qtrs. of a mile away. in front of my friends house,it stopped and i started listening for the sound of a helo. it was very quite. when i first noticed it i thought it was the dnr or cops. after it stopped, i knew it wasn’t. i ran into the trailer and got my flashlight and cell phone, went back outside and pointed the light and started flashing. after about ten flashes, the very bright lights went out and a small, weak yellow light came on at the leading edge of some kind of craft. it wasn’t a plane or a helo. it turned about 10 degrees and came straght at me. it was still at the same alt. it was across the marsh , to mthe south and it hovered. i flashed the light at it and an array of small white lights formed a curve, like a frown on what appeared to be the front edge of the craft. i couldn’t make out the full shape but did see a downward curving leading edge and a rectangular glow above the curve. no other lights were seen relation to that craft.
i hit speed dial and called cl who was going to az. i was telling him what i saw and looked to my right and saw another small, yellow light at about the same alt as the first craft the 2nd craft was about 350 to 400 yards from me and was on the other side of the road, above the trees. c said to take a lot of pix and we said i should ge closser to the marsh, to my south. i turned tword the craft to the wast and flashed it. i lit up it”s frown curve and i headed south. when i was bout 20 yds. rrom the marsh, the object i was walking tword wene black and turned on 2 very bright, red lights one on each side. it started to drift downward and i watched it through the trees untill it was below what i could see. it appeared to land. and i did 180 and ran to the trailer. i was trying to tell cl about it but i was very shook. he had to get off the phone so i just watched the 2nd craft and flashed at and took a short video of it. i “played with it for while and turned to watch the 1st craft as it came back to about 500 ft. and hover. it was now about 1930 and i had not had lunch. i went inside and had a meal..Duriing my rest time i made some calls to friends in tn and mn and told the situation. i helped calm me down and fired them up.
cl called later and ask if i still could see the 2 craft. i stepped out on the porch with the phone and looked south i said tha they weren’t there butas i looked east. i sawthem and i flashed. they both “frowned” and i told cl, they’re back…I flashed them a few times and noticed another one to the northeast. it looked the same in all ways but the light presentation was different. it had many more lights on and made a left turn by turning to the right and descending i went behind the trees to the east and moved right to left. i got the feeling that this could go bad so i went in the trailer and phoned several numbers to try to calm down. i tried 911 but no one answered. i finally got ufo hotline at midnight but he said i wasw watching alterra sp. we said our cheery goodby’s and i went to bed. i am going to send this much and start another later. my server keeps going out and this is the 4th time i’ve done this.. i have more posted on my facebook page. i will send the drawings later. oh yes, i did not sleep well for the next week. i was terrified and very happy.
lat.45.843154 long 92.54246 this is the 4th time i’ve written this because my server is on the fritz, but i am in good sprits

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