UFO Sighting in Valletta, on 2016-11-12 16:10:00 – Still object hiding in a cloud starts moving fast vanishing in clear sky

I was in my balcony smoking a cigarette and just looking at the sky when i notice a spherical object sort of hiding in a cloud. looked like a metallic sphere. i have never seen anything that shape or size at that distance. it looked like it was floating at the same space. it looked very weird so i grabbed my phone. by the time i started to shoot the video it was still standing at the same spot and as i zoomed in it started moving quite fast. it was nothing i could explain and felt as if it started to run away when i pointed my phone towards it. there were no clouds in the point where it vanished.

about 10 minutes later, still shocked i start to randomly shoot a video of the sky again, just to see if a bird or something might look the same on video, although i was sure that i would have recognized it straight away if it was a bird. did not see anything in particular while i was shooting. it was only when i was watching the second video on my computer that i noticed 2 similar objects, of same size and shape moving from behind clouds.

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