UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2016-11-17 00:00:00 – What apeared to be a very bright star,at 40x could make out a morpheous structure that had a random zig zaging pattern as well as pimples and craters. i witnessed this phenomina 2 consecutive nights. i have 5 photos of this gloriosly organic structure.

1-grilling in the back yard 2-very bright body in the sky to the west,at first,thought it was a star, but then realized it was closer than that. at his point i grabbed my camera and at 21x photographed thobjct several xs.To the naked eye it was just bright and spherical but once i reveued my photos at another 20x it was clear that this changig form had structure.An elegant zig zaging throughout the body and edges that curved like a mushroom cap. on this surface were dimples and pimples all very random. i can also make out what appears to be a fuel collector and exaust.5-chilling.6.Continued to the west untill it disappeared over the horizon. do not want to submit these photos at this time.This really knock your socks off stuff.

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