UFO Sighting in Wilmington, Vermont on 2016-07-13 19:20:00 – spotted 4 shiney barbell shaped units no sound no jet stream in persise flying oder over head

on july 12 at 1920 h r s . i an friend’s we’re jetsking on the harrimins resovoir in southern vt. as plain as day i spotted a object in the ski overhead i pointed it out to my wife an scrambled to get a photo.
we attempted to use my phone but the battery died on us .At this point i lost sight of the first one i looked back an saw the next one come over the hill top. shiny an shaped like a barbell it moved without any noise at a slow steady speed still trying to photo it, i showed my pal he’s was speechless
i grabbed another phone an as i looked back another appeared over the hill top same speed exact spot same distance this was number 3 . i was at this point extremely shaken up. u don’t see this every day in my world.
so i took a breath an demanded we take a photo. anne’s phone was a bit
of a pain but we took it just as the 4 the came over us i’m sure that someone e else saw it also but no one came to us to mention it
it funny how no noise came from any of the craft no jet stream, nithier .
we then saw a fighter jet following it’s same path moment’s later
u could see the wings here the engine see the jet stream follow
wow i thought. no one would bieve this but sure as the sun sets a group reported in new hampshire seeing one of the 4 i saw an took a photo
sure enough it was a match. sense this i have become more aware of my
surondings an suggest that if you think we are the only ones on this blue
ball u might think again.

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