UFO Sighting in Winter Park, Colorado on 2016-11-22 08:30:00 – Webcam images show unidentified object in one frame but not frames immediately before/after. frames ~3 min apart.

I was monitoring the winter park, co, ski resort town web camera (for my job — we do operational cloud seeding for the resort to increase snow pack and use the cameras to monitor weather conditions). the frames update about every 3 mins, to my knowledge. in one frame, there was nothing but the normal view. next frame, black disk-like object appears just over mountain top. next frame, nothing. too close to the mountain to be a drone or plane. confirmed with the resort that there were no helicopters present this morning. given the distance/size of object, it is unlikely that it was a bird, bug, etc. my colleagues and i have been using this webcam for years and this has never occurred before.

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