UFO Sighting in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen on 2014-11-17 03:07:00 – I stood in a street as the moon turned into an alien eye and then many strange things happend to me

I came to the city düsseldorf and had strange vibrations there. often i was up at night. i lived in a appartment in stockkampstraße 55 40476 düsseldorf when i was out at night m one time i came back there and there was a humen who turned into a drake(he actually didnt turn into a drake it was just a feeling) and scared me away from there so i ran through the night i heared them shooting. i saw vampires and t-rex also only my feelings. then i moved to my new appartment in schwerinstraße 28 in 40477 düsseldorf and there happend strange things with drakes and aliens. one night i was out again just going trough some streets i had a backpack with me and a watch and some water. i came to the place where it started to happen i took of my watch and lost it then i wanted to drink so water but i couldnt cause all around me where tousend of aliens which became part of my world when i started to put water into the atmosphere so i couldnt go piss also but then i suddenly became part of a strange experience where the clear fullmoon turned into an alien eye who started to look at me for millions of years he really looked at me. it was at an industry place where there were some vampires too. iwas shocked and started to move away from there and meat a bug who was bigger then me i found a car where ghosts sit in it and at last i flee from aliens who where behind me hunting me all night long i took a taxi there and couldnt pay it but i needed to get away from there cause there where many aliens behind me they where hunters like in the film alien vs. predator but they where a bit different.
days later a modelshow started in television which i was hosting which was about model aliens or alien girls but obvisly all aliens are female.

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