UFO Sighting in Trabuco, California on 2015-09-06 21:45:00 – I was sitting outside drinking a gingerale, hot night after family labor day gathering, orb appeared 8 feet from me 5 foot round hovered

September 6 2015 9pm i was sitting outside resting after cleaning up from a family labor day bbq. i was alone at my place, feet up, at my outdoor farm table, sipping a ginger ale. i live in the mtns, a forested rural area. i suddenly saw a rectangular bright light with distinct crips edges illuminate (8 inches by 36 inches) 8 feet from me. it was very very bright, it sparkled in the middle of the light. it was where i had potted plants, and the leaves seemed to become transparent where this light was.It was very bright. i looked around for the source of this light. i live in the middle of a forest. i can see for hundreds of feet around me. i got up and waved my hand near it to see if i could cast a shadow and find the source. it disappeared in a instant. the odd thing was that it did not illuminate the surrounding area being as bright as it was. i sat down wondering what i just witnessed, walked around a little bit looking into the woods. sat down after three minutes in the same place at my outdoor farm table. withing a minute, at the foot of the farm table, 8 feet up i saw a round illuminated area, somewhat like illuminated fog, but no light source. within a minute it was a dense illuminated orb 4 feet round. i could not see through it, nor did it cast a shadow.I was strangely calm, and sat observing it. about 45 minuted later a plant about 10 feet way, to my right illuminated, as if there was light on it, but there was no shadows! this was about 5 feet above the site of the rectangular bright light. i walked up to it and studied it, no shadows but i could see everything illuminated. this faded away and i sat back down to view the huge 4 foot illuminated orb. i could see through the parameter of it, but not through the center area. i rubbed my eyes, i stood up and walked around it, then sat down again just studying it and my surroundings. i decided to shine my flashlight onto it and it did not reflect the flashlight light beam. i then decided to drive to my brothers place up the street and bring him back to see this “orb”. within 3 minutes we were back, and it was still there, but not as bright. we both sat and looked at it for 5 minutes. my brother took my flashlight and walked around it and looked for a possible source. he also shined the flashlight into it, no reflection. it started to grow dimmer as it did this it pulsated. eventually it faded away and we could not see it. the whole event took approx. 45 minutes. my brother is a professor, and a skeptic, but he admitted we saw something very unique.

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