UFO Sighting in Greystones, County Wicklow on 2016-11-19 23:15:00 – Speck like orange star appears motionless it expands to a very bright orange light for 30 seconds x5 its orginal size before switching to a red and blue color and begins to move west.

At approximately 9.30-10pm time i was gazing out my window in my room opposite from my location are another row of houses then to the far left side over the houses is a wooded area and fields probably further up past the trees. but just above the trees 30-40 feet above them i noticed a faint orange glow ill back track slightly here as to how i came about seeing these objects. i am a firm believer in e.Ts visiting our planet as observers after some other questionable things that i have witnessed. so with this knowladge im constantly looking up at the sky. so back to the objects as i stare at this small speckle of a orange light which seems way to low to be a plane. as i stare at the object it suddenly begins to start expanding and diming while completely motionless the objects original size is about the size of a slightly bigger star which expanded in size to about 4-5 times its original size the orange glow is so bright it almost has a look of a comet entering the earths atmosphere in terms of how bright it was. but comets do not stay dead still in the sky..My original thought was that it was maybe a drone before the bright flash after i had no doubts as to what i was seeing was something very advanced as the light would dim after its first appearance these objects are allways still when they flash brightly after the period of when they stopped flashing the object would dim out completely and change its color formation to a red and green blinking light and would then start to slowly move west from its location i personally think this change of color is to blend in near the air traffic as in its bright orange light state it would be easy to view this object kms away by anyone who happens to glance at the sky.The feeling i got was of complete awe ive seen ufos before but none quiet as distinct and obvious as this. this is not as bizzare as what im about to tell you these objects i have been seeing i have seen them since 19th of november 2016 im writing this on november 24th i have seen these objects everyday it has been not cloudy i have shown my parents these objects which leftthem gob smacked as to what they are. i have been speaking about one object but usually two can appear 20 foot across from eachother they would be both motion less and would repeat the process i have described at the start but the main thing is when there are two of them they would both light up at the exact same time before going their separate directions. i have seen alot on youtube of people pointing lasers at these objects so on november 22 2016 i seen an object above the house opposite to mine motion less but this time i could see two lights flickering i had my phone right beside me but i am unable to capture the objects lights as my power was to low i decided to see if i could perhaps signal to the objects turned my phone light on and started to point it towards the object after 40 seconds of flash of light at the object it expanded into a huge white flash.After that it turned into the same red green color formation and drifted towards their usual arrival spot near the trees.This is by far the most incredible experience there are no words to describe this im 95% shure that flash was ment for me as a greeting? or just a way to acknowledge that i can see it and it can see me? i have recording of what i have seen my phone is a samsung core prime which dosnt have the best camera but i do have footage to try back my claims it seems they arrive everyday im planing to try obtain a better camera and purchase a laser pointer to try signal them at their arrival spot above the trees. whoever reads this i will be updating my findings as i try get better equipment and encounters. the last vidio is on its side when they appeard over the graystones city to the east.

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