UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2016-09-06 20:58:00 – Saw from airplane window, captured video evidence. glowing lights that moved to form somewhat triangular formation

I was leaving the airport and witnessed this out of my side window. i don’t fully recall the event, and i had forgotten about it until i was looking through the videos on my phone the other day. some bright lights came together, and one of the dimmer lights appear to have “fallen” before coming back up near the others, but that may be from the window reflection, i’m not sure. i have two videos which i’ll gladly send in, but that’s really all i have to offer as i don’t fully recall the event. i’d rather the videos not be made public unless metadata and audio is removed, but i understand that those will be helpful in the video analysis so i’m choosing not to attach them at this time.

1. i was sitting in an airplane looking out the window
2. i’m observant?
3. weather balloon, advanced aircraft? still not sure.
4. bright lights that came together…
5. i was somewhat skeptical based on things i’ve seen before, but it was strange.
6. airplane took off.

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