UFO Sighting in Hollywood, Florida on 2016-08-02 00:00:00 – White orb appeared on upper right, above cloud, then blinked out and reappeared on upper left, above cloud, then shrunk in size and disappeared.

I had been home, studying and writing papers all day for my psychology and communications classes. my back was hurting, i was getting numb from sitting for so long, and had cabin fever from cramming every day indoors, with the two accelerated courses. it was a beautiful day because the air had become less humid, the sky was clear blue, (other than scattered high-altitude, fluffy, white clouds), and there was a strong breeze to offset the summer heat; so i decided to go for a long walk/run to get my circulation moving and get some fresh air and sunshine. it was about 4:30-5:00pm. i began walking west. after about 5-6 blocks, as i was looking up at a very large, beautiful fluffy cloud, i noticed what initially looked like a white, round helium balloon, very high up, (hovering still), to the right, just above the massive fluffy cumulonimbus cloud. my first thought was that i wished my three-year-old granddaughter could see this balloon all the way up there, and that i should get her some helium balloons so she could let one go and get to see how high up it will reach. then the object just blinked out. i assumed it was a balloon and popped. i continued walking another 1-2 blocks, and what appeared to be the same object/orb suddenly appeared again, but this time, all the way over to the left, upper corner of the same massive cloud, just above it. the object/orb hovered still against the blue sky without moving at all. (note: at the time of the incident, i had not thought about the fact that it was very breezy that day, and that if the object was a balloon, it certainly would not have been so still. this time i did not take my eyes off of the object–not even to blink. i noticed it reflected light, was quite shiny, and had some reflections of pale blue, pink, and light purple. as i kept my eyes on it, the object shrunk in size or disintegrated and disappeared. for a while i told myself it was one or two balloons that i must had seen, but knew that it was not possible for balloons to sit still in the wind, so i decided to finally make this report because the incident has been nagging me.

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