UFO Sighting in Mebane, North Carolina on 2016-11-26 16:08:00 – Looked like brown model plane without wings

Saw a small low flying object that kind of looked like model airplane without wings. at first thought it was a large buzzard as buzzards were flying around it when first sighted. it was about 200-300 feet in the air and less than quarter mile away. the thought of a drone came to mind but it was no drone i’ve ever seen. it was flying in a straight line and went behind the roof ridge of the building i was next to so quickly moved to keep an eye on it, but it vanished within the 2 seconds it took to move. it was heading g southeast. it was a matte brownish color. estimated size was 4-5 ft long and 1-2 ft wide. eleven minutes later felt a little sick to my stomach and face felt hot. this lasted about five minutes.

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