UFO Sighting in Kenora, Ontario on 1991-05-15 00:00:00 – Ufo hovers around west side (lake side) of house and takes path to north side stopping directly outside my bedroom window, filing room with bright green light

I was seven at the time (25 years passed)and laying in my bed wide awake. i could hear a strong oscillating “thumming” noise coming from outside. i sat up in bed to hear more acutely. the thumming was moving from the west direction, which was the bay side of the waterfront property we lived on. there was dense vegetation surrounding the west and east sides of the house so this noise confused me. i was tucked into bed as it was well passed my bedtime. the aluminum blinds were down but light was always easily cast through them, so i can safely say this was not a car or helicopter of any sort. i could hear the thumming at a distance, and it sounded like it was coming up the path we carved down to the lake. it moved from the western side of the house and came around the contours of the house, stopping outside of my second story bedroom window, which was on the northern face of the house. the noise was accompanied by a brilliant green light that began to fill my room with the same intensity as the sound. it wasn’t just a light, it illuminated everything, like a radioactive green. i felt compelled to leave my bed and go to the window but i fought this compulsion and pulled the blankets up to my eyes. i watched and listened for 5 minutes expecting something to happen. i became afraid after some time because the object wasn’t moving, so i pulled the blankets over my head but i could still see the bright green through the cloth. it felt like they could only take me if i willingly came to the window. every fiber of my being was fighting the urge to look. i knew it was an alien craft and was confused why my parents or brothers were not waking up to the loud sound outside of our house. with the same pulsing thumming, the craft went straight up and i could hear its ascension and the slow fade of the oscillating thumm. the bright residue of light remained in my room until it began to fade away very very slowly. it was about another 5 minutes until my room had returned to darkness. the next morning i was eating breakfast and coloring and told my mother about what had happened. part of my wanted to keep it a secret but i had said “aliens came to my window last night to visit me, but i didn’t want to go away from my family so i stayed”. my mother was shocked and all she said was “oh that’s cute dear, that et came to play” she laughed the story off and went about getting ready for her day of teaching. my story was always looked at like a dream or a tall tale. i would like to conclude, as it may help, that i am the only daughter, and also the only member of my family who can claim psychic encounters or spiritual visitations. i can also claim losing a stillbirth, but during a time period when my partner and i were experiencing a long distance relationship. it is quite common for me to see lights moving in odd patterns in the night sky.

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