UFO Sighting in Valdosta, Georgia on 2016-11-24 00:00:00 – Ufo sightings

2016 thanksgiving night i was home with kids and one of my friends. me and my friend not doing anything at the time just sitting around talking . so we decided to go outside to smoke. i’ll say we’re outside no more than may a minute my back was turn towards the house on my back porch. then i turn. i see three objects in the sky glowing bright pulsating moving abnormally. i tell my friend to look and i ask him what is that he replied i don’t know. they all just disappear one by on two by two. then came back some that seemed to be coming from off the ground. the kids came out and all we’re afraid and told them to go inside. as for me and my friend it was cool at first but then when thing start to really sink in we go in after i tuned the camera of before i walk in there was a fleet of them that seem to be come from the ground and a huge pyramid shape ship appeared for like 3 seconds then gone like the others did

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