UFO Sighting in Bagillt, Wales on 2015-06-25 16:34:00 – Very large like a blimp shape much larger then an aeroplane 5x greater size atleast.

Walking home one night after coming from a friends house. approximately 2 miles across the water from north wales to the merseyside the ufo was stationery in the sky. at that time of day it was already dark with no sun in the sky. this object was fading in and fading out so i decided to take a picture because of how abnormal the light looked. planes were flying around the sky at the time due to liverpool airport being close but this object was far bigger then any of the planes in the sky. the light was im the sky for approx 4 mins and did change shape until it eventually vanished. on a personal level i would just say i was intrigued to find out what the light was because of how abnormal i was acting.

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