Black Triangle Sighting in Cluj-Napoca, Județul Cluj on 2003-12-16 23:30:00 – Perfect triangel with beautyfull green lighting corners like a side turned pyramid with the top edge cutted down

I drive my car on exit from cluj napoca on the e60 road a feuw hundred meters out of the town to buy something from metro cash & carry becouse it was open day and night in that week.
i see a flying triangular object with the apple green glowing edges descend from left upper side of my windschield to de right down side of my windschield. it descends like you drop a pice of paper and fals down slidely from left to the right. not like a plane not like a helikopter!!!
i dont know what that could be that why i hit with egression the brake stopps the car on the side of the road jump out of the car and climb of the gate near the road becouse on the inside of the gate was tuia trees high like the gate. inside the gate is the water putification station of the city.
i looked inside the ground of the water station and i see nothing i was werry surprised becouse i see clearly that the triangel must be somewhere there.
the triangel apears in my sight in a 45-60degrees angel on the right upper side of my windshild and with a speed of a normal car speed 40 50miles /h. in that time the triangel in his movement descendsto de right of my windschield and takes a horizontal position by the landing that i coud not see becouse of the gate and the trees high like the gate. between the edges corners it was dark black. i wondering where it is becouse i see it descending to de hight of the 5ft gate. i was klimb the gate to see ower the little tuia trees. in front of my car it flys so near by that i coild hit it with a stone without an effort. at that time i dont had a feeling about this but after years when in the tv i see similar cases i was nerves and excited the same time and i olways tells my parents and girlfriend you see i tell you about and you dont take me serious.

i think that the triangel descends in one of the artificial lakes what are there in the water purification statition.

in europen metric dimensions what is more familiar to me like feets the distances and measurements are the folloving. triangle 7x7meters maxximum 10x10m. the distance from my car to the triangel was not more than 30meters. firs moment that i see it was 40 50m abowe the highway. time in sight 4 to 5 sec. the 3 corners was like a piramide with the top cut down horizontaly and turned to the side. green light aproximatly like the field in that i wright this.

after some years i hat 3 other encounters but thay was only orbs with intristing mowements.

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