UFO Sighting in Salem, Ohio on 2016-11-13 23:26:00 – Silver ball egg shape hovering in distance with blinking blue green lights decending and going back up eracticly

On the night of nov 13 during the super moon me and my husband was standing on my front deck looking at it because it was his birthday and on the right side of the moon in the distance was a silver egg shaped object , it caught our attention because it had lights blinking and we thought it was a plane at first .. but on further view we noticed it was going up and down and moving left to right . we were like no way is this a plane >>> we were kinda excited to see it .Made a joke . i went to get my cell phone to take pictures , they showed the object slightly since it was far away in the sky . i had to enlarge it with my crop feature to see it . but we did get a video also you can see it jumping up and down and back and fourth ,, we stood outside for about 30 minutes watching it until it got to late and cold since my husband had to get up early for work .. it was still there as we went inside ,, we did not check on it no more ,,
i tried but can not attach the video..I do not know how

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