UFO Sighting in Benton, Kentucky on 2016-11-14 19:00:00 – This is oddly normal for my family. since others call it abnormal, i want to know more.

I have already sent in an overview of what has happened over my life from 7 to now with things that are definitely not society’s normal and i didn’t receive a response. i assume it was because i hadn’t tried getting pictures. you have to understand, when something is common, you don’t think ‘hey let me get a camera for this.’ you just shrug it off, but i have been getting pictures and videos with my tablet of one of the objects that has been messing with my cell phone battery when i see it. this one we see normally in front of the house, but sometimes behind. it doesn’t stay but for a couple hours at dusk. it happens most evenings. this isn’t the main one in my eyes, but it has been the only thing that’s drained my phone, which i’m not enjoying. my aunt told me to just contact nasa, but i don’t quite feel trust with them. she may have already, but i choose you one last time. i tried sending this earlier and i’m not sure if it worked. just in case, i’ll send different photos and videos then my first try. please let me know what you think. thanks & have a lovely day!

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