UFO Sighting in Eupora, Mississippi on 2016-11-30 00:00:00 – Very bright white light that zig zagged twice then moved northeast very slowly with no noise.

I went about around 6:00 pm to check the temperature outside. i like to look at the stars at dusk but notice an unusually bright star in the southwest. i then noticed it was moving. at first assumed if may be a low flying plane with its landing lights on, but noticed there was no noise whatsoever. i ran into the house quickly and grabbed my nikon 8×42 binoculars. this was no airplane. just a huge bright white light moving very slowly. it did alter course two times slightly but went back on course. i watched as it passed right over me and kept going. i kept watching until i could no longer see it for the treeline. very odd, but exciting. i have been interested in the subject of ufos since i was 13 years old and have even had a few investigations of my own during my college years but never thought i would see something like this for myself. i would have given anything to have a bright spotlight or powerful green laser to attract the attention of this object. i highly recommend not doing this because it might turn out to be a man made aircraft and laser pointing can get you into trouble, but personally i would have taken the risk if i had the chance this night.

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