UFO Sighting in Pleasant Hill, California on 2016-10-01 22:00:00 – Invisible entities incls grey aliens, skull beings and demons – no ufo crafts

I have observed manifestations of grey aliens, demons (different forms) and skull beings in and around the lot where i live (live in motorhome) and right in front of a starbucks across the street of my motorhome. these manifestations have occurred every single day since about early october. the grey aliens congregate right in front of the starbucks in plain sight, but no body notices them, so they are invisible. i can see them and have many digital photos and videos (from my surveillance camera) and they are on all of them. the greys can blend right into physical objects including walls, tree branches, inanimate objects, etc. some of the greys and skull beings occupy empty cars.

one night i spotted something inside one of the empty cars in the lot where my motorhome is located. i took a picture. when i blew up the image to get a better look at what was inside the car, i was scared out of my wits. inside was a grey alien apparently feasting on the soul of a dead person (my theory). on the roof of the car were several demons. this car was parked in a handicap space, but the signs had all been changed. the wheelchair symbol was replaced by a serpent with the face of a grey alien or skull being. there are other creatures and faces of greys on the other signs on the handicap sign pole. really, really scary and creepy.

the day before thanksgiving a huge black serpent or demon with bright eyes appeared right outside the window of my motorhome and scared the hell out of me. this prompted me to contact a priest.

a catholic priest came by my place on wednesday, november 30 and blessed my motorhome, me, my dog and the surrounding area with prayers and holy water. however, the manifestations as described above are still here. i just texted a picture i took to the catholic priest to let him know.

there are no ufo crafts, but the reason i am reporting this is because these entitites that i see are grey aliens or very similar to the greys, but they are invisible. this is a manifestation on a massive scale. it is almost as if the area around me is a portal or gateway from another dimension, and these beings are able to access our plane of existence. there are dozens and dozen of them right outside my motorhome and they use a tree near the entrance like a condo. they are hiding inside the tree branches. they also congregate right in front of a starbucks across the street, and no one sees them, but i sure as hell do. the priest says he saw and sensed them too.

as i said, this is not your typical ufo sightng, but an entity sighting. perhaps something similar is happening elsewhere. please let me know if you can investigate this manifestation or provide guidance.

thank you,

karl urmson

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