UFO Sighting in Springer, Oklahoma on 2016-11-25 22:00:00 – Thermal scope,round disk,also dull grey color,seen with eyes 1 time

Ok, i noticed,with my eyes, a round dull metal colored disk hover 200 foot above my house,i shinned a green laser on it ,it disappeared. then i started looking with my flir thermal rifle scope,good quality,i know how to use it. started noticing disks fly around the area near my home,also at the cabin in the country. i got a dvr for my scope and started filming these things. also wittnessed a large group of them out in the country, in a v formation,i shinned a green laser on them,they started changing into different shapes, double v,and v,the a t, or a cross,then a circle that collapse on itself and disappeared.Have seen large groups of them several times,moving real high and real fast.All were with thermal except the first time. at first when i seen them i shinned a green laser on them,they would stop come back and hover around for a while.1 morning when i went out in the woods to go hunting,at 4 am, i notice 1 was following me,it scared me,i stopped shinning laser on them,they took notice of me. they also could make my thermal scope have static on it,like they could jam it somehow. i could over come it by turning it on and off. i also cause a strange beam of light on 1 of my deer cameras the same day they followed my into the woods. i also got some strange pictures on my deer cameras, was almost all grayed out,like it was done with a strong magnetic field. but while the picture was a small icon on the computer it was not grayed out,it only became grayed out when you clicked on it to make it larger, there was also a strange beam o light on the pictures,i thought figures below,but not sure. i know these are not bats or birds. i have seen these things make intellagent moves,and symbols in the sky. it almost like an invasion out here. i can go out any night and see a couple of these thing to dozens of them. i have some video footage on youtube. the addreses are youtu.Be/apu7v9c6frw
youtu.Be/wrmbfugjrke youtu.Be/frwarocln youtu.Be/yuxlnlrah9u
please read the description to each video,it will tell you how many minutes in before the ufos start showing up. im not adding the footage because it would take about 8 housr for me to upload them.Please go to the youtube channels. it took me 8 hours to upload them there. please let me know whats going on out here,kind of scared and so is my girlfriend

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