UFO Sighting in Lafayette, Indiana on 1960-05-31 00:00:00 – Green disc flying above sr26 e. followed road till out of sight parallel to road.

My father was driving my brother and i home after my boy scout meeting on evening. i was probably12 and my brother 9. we lived 5 miles outside lafayette city limits and were probably a mile into the country i think sr 26 was probably referred to as rr5 which goes east from lafayette. all three of us witnessed the event simultaneously . a large green disc passed over the top of our station wagon probably traveling 300 mph 500 to 1000 ft above the road. it flew east quickly until out of sight.It did not land or touch ground so it was not a meteor as it maintained its elevation. we have always discussed it in the family and readily admitted the sighting although most people probably don’t believe it. my dad died in 1992 but my brother is still living and we mention it every couple years but i never thought to report it until your tv show i watched today. it would be amazing if someone else saw it but i doubt it. doesnt matter we know what we saw. just wanted to make a record while i could as i am now 68 and my brother 65. we were very amped up and appreciative that we had the experience.

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