UFO Sighting in Monroe, Michigan on 2006-05-31 00:00:00 – 2 geese changed into shiny spheres as they flew overhead, then to geese

This sighting report submitted by fi #22542 for witness at the request of the michigan chief fi. for complete case research reports of witness’s 300-400 sightings see my initial 23 page report submitted to chief fi and my later updates. subject sighting occurred in 2006 or 2007. witness was outside workplace on a smoke break. casually observed 2 canadian geese approaching about 20 feet above building height. as geese came overhead, they transitioned into two 3-4 foot diameter shiny silver spheres with reflective surface “like mercury”. sky above and cars below were perfectly reflected in the shiny surfaces. he did not notice himself in reflections as the spheres passed overhead. strangely, he could see the geese still flapping their wings inside the spheres as they passed overhead. after they passed over and approached major road next to building, the spheres transitioned back into geese. witnesses was astonished that traffic did not react as the strange spheres passed low overhead. he said it “freaked me out that cars weren’t stopping.” strangely, the geese were dead silent, with not even any sound from wingbeats. he could still hear all traffic noise. shaken by experience, he smoked a few more cigarettes to calm himself, greatly exceeding time allotted for smoke break. he immediately began to doubt what he had seen, and did not tell anyone for years. i was first “official” person he told experience to. he still wonders whether he really saw what he did. also looks at all geese with suspicion, wondering, are these really geese, or ?
in my research of this assigned case, i have found no reason to doubt the witness’s sincerity or sanity. i recommend a mufon experiencer specialist speak to witness, as number of similarities exist with other experiencers. some of these are a scar without known cause, unexplainable long parallel scratches on his and girfriend’s back upon awakening, multiple and sometimes concurrent sightings with generations of family members, “strangeness” value of some sightings, later recollection of seeing glowing mantis head during a ‘god flash’ sighting, and sheer number of sightings. experiencer questionnaire completed did not ask enough to reveal all suggestive detail. despite wording of question below, i was not a witness to this sighting.

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