UFO Sighting in Marmora, Ontario on 2016-12-04 19:10:00 – Nancy and i observed hovering ufo that responded to flashlight i pointed at object. it would move.

Observed glowing sphere behind house, that would respond and move in many directions while i flashed a flashlight at it. this occurred for an hour. we even asked it to move, and it would. it would remain stationary while commercial flights flew by. i watched sphere for an hour but got too cold. i went to house for warmer clothing and it was gone when i returned. my wife watched it for 15 minutes. we admit we became nervous. it appeared to move when i asked it with my thoughts. we live in a very remote area. you cannot see your hand in front of your face, hence the flashlight. we both agree this object was observing us, and was responding to the flashlight. frightening. thank you, nancy and tom

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