Ghost Rockets Documentary – A Review

Ghost Rockets Documentary – A Review
Watch the skies for Ghost Rockets, which received its Texas premiere today at Other Worlds Austin

In search of UFOs and meaning

     There’s a supreme arrogance to pretending there is no life beyond Earth. But isn’t it equally hubristic to think they would traverse inconceivable interstellar distances, just to see us scarcely upright apes?

And yet, as Fox Mulder would say, we want to believe.

By Richard Whittaker
The Austin Chronicle

Scandinavian documentary Ghost Rockets catches that inner contradiction through the work of Clas Svahn and UFO-Sweden, a nonprofit dedicated to sorting the wheat from the chaff of airborne sightings. Only, so far, it’s all been chaff. “My working day is all about ministrepretations,” says one of the team, as he rattles off a list of reasoned explanations that debunk every single sighting.

Well, almost every sighting.

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