UFO Sighting in Bay Village, Ohio on 2016-12-05 19:33:00 – Saw a bright red light that was pulsating then went straight up out of sight

At the above stated date & time, i was taking out the refuse the night prior to collection. as i was pulling the recycling can forward i noticed a red glow that appeared to be a possible aircraft. it was approximately 2km from the shore of lake erie and 18,000 feet in the air. the light was the same reddish glow of that as a crosswalk. we live a few miles from hopkins international airport (cleveland). also their are medical helicopters that are often flying overhead. this light in particular was stationary and the colors were red, orange, yellow, white & bluish. i continued to watch this light for about two minutes when, i was sure it was not an airplane i stated to make as many mental notes as possible. at this point the light went straight up until it i could no longer see it. it went so quick that i count not even give an estimate of speed. the sky was clear and there were no other aircraft in the region and the object was over the lake so it was not a building, reflection or smoke. i can provide daytime photos of the area to assist in collecting data.

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