UFO Sighting in Unknown, New Jersey on 1998-09-09 00:00:00 – A questionable event combining personal memory, second hand information and memories of what i thought were dreams

I am reporting this at the recommendation of investigator, jack nicholais.

this event was almost completely forgotten by me until about three or four years ago when i was in contact with an ex-girlfriend. the conversation was difficult due to the fact she was very upset that i didn’t remember what she and i experienced on one occasion and very little of another event. i’m reporting the event i recall bits and pieces of but i will describe the entire conversation as best i can. i am no longer in contact with her and i have remembereded more since speaking with her but due to how upset she was, i only received a limited amount of details.

while conversing about paranormal topics, i had mentioned to my ex that during the time i dated her, very little happened out of the ordinary for me. she became very disgruntled and said that when she dated me was the weirdest time of her life and that it was just like me to forget what she described as “the scariest things” that ever happened to her. she frequently commented that due to that fact, “she always knew the relationship meant more to her than it did to me.” this made it difficult to get information at the time. she asked me if i remembered my car dying on “death shade road.” i replied that i remembered the trip but i certainly would remember my car dying late at night on shades of death road since my civic never broke down. she said it wasn’t the civic but my first car to which i said that at that time i didn’t have a cellular phone (pre 1999) and would’ve had to walk up and down a dark spooky road knocking on doors to call a tow truck and i would definitely remember that kind of thing. she was very frustrated and asked me how i could forget the lights. i have no idea to this day what she was talking about but she said the car died, i got out of the car, walked to the middle, then the side of the road and then was “ensconced” in a bluish-white light. at this point i’m thinking that if what she’s telling me is true, there’s probably a good reason i only recall the trip itself. i pressed for more information, but she said i got back in the car and it started and we left. i don’t know at which point i was no longer blue and i had mentioned that it sounded like a ufo event and it’s quite well known that people forget these kind of things but i didn’t get much further than that. i only recall the fact that we did go to this road but nothing more.

the second event she described is the one i remember more of but not quite in the same way she did. in fact, this whole event is a mixture of things i specifically remember, things i thought happened elsewhere or in dreams, the information she provided and recollections of conversations i had after the fact about certain details. even at the time of speaking with her, i didn’t connect some of it together but i am fairly certain everything i’m about to describe occurred as one event. i will describe what she said first and then what i remember.

she said that we went on a road trip to south jersey at night and drove down a very long highway. eventually, we got off the highway and drove down a dirt road. she said there was a fog and at one point both my passenger and driver windows fell into the door. the windows were both broken and were held in place with pieces of cardboard wedged against the door. she said that i said, “there’s the reservoir” after i presume i pointed it out. she said the car died, at which point i ran out and “scrambled” up a hill. she said red, white and blue lights rose up off the water and hovered over my head. the lights went out, i returned to my vehicle and it started up. i asked if i said anything and she said all i said was “it was a hoax” and i wouldn’t speak any further about it.

i remember the trip, specifically the part where she commented about how long the highway was. i am 99% certain the road is 195 from trenton to the shore although i do not recall the reason for the trip nor what the destination was. i would frequently drive to places highlighted in weird nj or just drive around trying to get lost but south jersey was very far from home and besides the legends of the jersey devil, i don’t know why i would go there at all. the pine barrens are littered with dirt roads but i do not remember a dirt road. i do remember telling someone at the time about the doors falling in the door and i’m assuming it was because the road was very bumpy. i vaguely remember this because it was amusing to me since she didn’t want me to stop and fix the windows but the road so narrow and we were driving so slowly that it still freaked her out because something could reach in the window. again, that is vague and i remember it as a funny story and not a direct memory. the fog i do not remember at all. the part where i pointed out the reservoir i do recall although i remember it being the wannaque in notth jersey. i also remember a long, thin bridge that sat directly on the water. it was lit up for a holiday that had passed which i believe was the 4th of july. i do not remember the colors but it was lit up with multiple lights all the way across. when she had mentioned the red, white and blue lights at the time, i thought she meant three individual lights but now i’m fairly certain the bridge and what she described are the same object. there aren’t many holidays associated with specific colors besides christmas and the 4th, so even though i don’t remember which colors, it stands to reason it was red, white and blue. i do not remember the car dying but i remember being very excited to check out the bridge because it looked really cool. i do not remember it rising in the air nor hovering over my head but i think it made a clanging sound which made me think it was a drawbridge about to open although this memory is more dreamlike. i do not remember anything else about that night. after recently visiting the wannaque reservoir i could not find the bridge nor a vantage point that matched what i can recall. there are few dirt roads in that area as well and none that run along that reservoir.

the bridge did remind me of an old picture of dam that no longer exists at the wannaque but after searching countless lakes and reservoirs in nj using satellite imagery, i cannot find any that have bridges that sit directly on the water. the thing that i saw was huge but not wide although it may have been partially submerged. it almost looked like a walkway to me although the way i remember it would make it too thin to be a craft that long. it may have been v shaped as well, i’m not sure.

due to other experiences throughout my life, i am concerned this event was far more than i remember. i do not recall missing time mostly due to the fact i never kept track of time on these type of night rides.

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