UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2016-12-06 08:10:00 – 6 orbs, one predominant area permiter to lockheed dynamics.

Originally , two orbs southwest, two heading east, one banks sw to north, head to all go back towards lockheed dynamics, per usual, i do believe they are in on this. the 6th orb much lower, south to north, bank to lockheed.
per last sighting, this has become daily after first report.

went outside due to immediate upheaval in home, a lot of unnecessary frustration and anxiety, had to get out of environment and go outside, for this display, this made me, my husband physically ill, as it does each time, we see these which is becoming daily, and also in major plain site in daylight around lockheed and ridge mar. these are not craft. we know this now.

we have no clue how this worked, but with prayer they seem to fly away faster, and also in daylight, just disappear… i think this may be our tool, whether u are christian or not, im not, i have no clue what my spirituality really is,. but i know since first encounter, my family has gone through enormous change. i do believe this may be age of ascension. as we know not one thing about chakras, and the event of this opening in us, was surprising, it is a very emotional and very spiritual awakening. now, as we see them, we pray, it seems to work… this have no solid form, they r not craft, they are demons i believe, some sort of evil in our sky. call me crazy, u see em pray, they run!!!!

we are going to get good cam, we are also going to say this, we have seen large looking white normal jets leave lockheed, turn to orbs, then flash and disappear..

be nice if the gov would let us have this tech too i guess. make for less gas money i have to earn.

we need to stop waiting for our worthless gov to disclose, why do we need them to tell us what the truth is, this is real folx, and the truth deepns and gets worse, i suggest loooking deeply into antarctica and the reasons john kerry went, and why a 35 year ban… they say no scientist are there even, thats bs, u can live track them on earthmaps. each nation that has it’s section to protect of antarctica has many scientists there.

this is the hub, the key, these things are not our friends, none of them are. none of them

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