UFO Sighting in Hatboro, Pennsylvania on 2016-11-04 21:13:00 – Went out for a cigarette & a orb peak in & out from behind trees as another stayed pretty stationary

I was at my boyfriends house & i was sleeping over as i usually do on the weekends. i went out front for a cigarette & after i closed the door & turned around i saw two orbs. the one to my far left repeatedly hid behind trees, peaking out as i often see them do while the one to the right stayed in my sight. i took out my phone & took a few pictures & a short video before i sat down to smoke. they didn’t stay too long. the one to the right vanished first after following the other a bit behind the trees & the one that was peaking in & out flew off to the left before going out. when i recorded this video i heard no noises but when i reviewed it, the first couple of seconds has a weird hum/static noise.

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