UFO Sighting in Horse Branch, Kentucky on 2016-12-07 16:21:00 – Huge black oval flat ufo just hovering with 2 smaller ones moving around it.

We were driving to store and seen it far away at first then drove bout half mile before stopping. we both were amazed at the size of it and it was just floating. there were two smaller ones that were moving around the big one they were all very black oval and flat. we could not hear them making any sounds. we were both very emotionally disturbed from the size of it and actually feared for our safety because we have never seen anything like this. the big one looked as big as a football field the smaller ones one third of its size. we took two photos and took off to the store as we were frightened. they were gone 15 minutes later on the way home. you have to zoom in on the photos as these things were over a mile away.

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