Black Triangle Sighting in Hampton, Virginia on 2016-12-08 18:27:00 – Low flying then i think it saw me and started to make a uturn

Okay so i’m the person that reported the ufo landing at langley a month ago so a minute ago i was taking my dog out and i saw the same ufo but at a closer height to me. its altitude was close like the top of a street light. i got a good look at the ufo. it was flying slow and it had stopped a little and flashed one bright light. after it flashed it started flying again then the ufo started to make a slanted-sideway-u-turn. but i was standing there like uhhhh i should run now. and that’s when i ran into my house. it was going to the same location at langley air force base. but this time it was going into the direction of landing at langley afb. but instead it was making a uturn and i live near langley afb. – by jaekwon coleman. for any questions contact my youtube channel -redkeymon- or -jaekwon coleman-

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