UFO Sighting in Eldersburg, Maryland on 2016-12-08 19:45:00 – Faint v-shaped object

My wife and i had just returned home from having dinner. after we had gone into the house, i came back out shortly afterward to put something out for trash collection. i just happened to look up to the north when i noticed a very faint line of lights moving through the sky. i stopped and observed the lights for a few seconds when another line of lights became visible forming what looked like a v-shape, possibly a triangle. as i observed the object, the lights would fade in and out like it was flying through a cloud (it is slightly cloudy tonight, but mostly clear) or possibly due to emissions from the object itself. the object was moving at a steady pace and in a straight line from nw to se. there was no discernible noise coming from the object that i could hear. there was also typical air traffic in the area as well heading to/from bwi however, this was not like any airliner i have seen and it didn’t have the typical aviation marker lights flashing. upon realizing that this is possibly a ufo, i ran to the house and called my wife outside. i pointed out the object to her and she then saw it as well. we observed the object for about another 7 or 8 seconds until we lost sight of it due to terrain. i didn’t bother to try and take a photo as it was so faint that i’m certain a photo from my cell phone would not have produced a clear image.

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