UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2016-12-02 00:00:00 – I looked up and saw flashings lights but it just sat there then i turned round and there were 2 more but on the opposkite side of the sky next to the mpounrains they just sat thedre flashing difgfrent colored kights then disapeared

So every morning i go get coffee around 4 am i’m waliking to the store i look up and see there flashing lights on what looks like a disk pf some sort so i grab my camera ands start filmimg i’m then struck with this crazy feeling i turn around tword ghe mountaimns and there are 2 mofre up higher in the sky just sitting there with these lights flashiong i coukd definatly make out a disk shspr and they were flashing difrent colors so it wasnt a star or stars plus thdey juyst dissapeared i mean poof gone no more

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