UFO Sighting in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 2010-07-20 00:00:00 – Huge red glowing ball with massive chemtrail stretching from horizon to horizon

i was with the same friend that seen something incredible just a week earlier, and two other buddies, just a few kilometers or so from my first green bay rd incident, on crescent beach (still on the waters of green bay, just not on the green bay road). it was late evening probably between 10pm – midnight, and when we first arrived at the beach we noticed way down the beach what looked to be car lights flashing in an sos pattern (you can drive your vehicle right on the 2klm long beach). the four of us drove down the beach, to find a flipped vw jetta on its roof, and a very upset girl with a guy who had apparently been driving too fast and flipped the car in a sand rutt. we made sure they were ok, and gave them the number for a tow truck. we then left.

when we got to the beginning of the beach, one friend mentioned the guy saying he was going to hide his beer up in the rocks along the beach, in case the police come, and suggested driving in behind the beach on the road, till we were by the flipped car, and then hiding in the beach grass and rocks till they left, and taking their beer they left. so we did. the tow truck was already there with its lights flashing and we could hear them talking. the other two buddies were brothers and paired up and hid quietly together, and me and my buddy did the same. maybe a minute or two of hiding in the beach grass,he whacked me in the arm, then pointed up in the sky over the ocean. coming from the south, heading directly towards the tow truck and us, i noticed a very long line of smoke or chemtrail that was quite visible even in the night sky. i found it incredible that the line of smoke stretched the entire way to the south horizon over the ocean. i then noticed the smoke line was slowly moving towards us, and when it got close enough i could clearly see a huge rounded front which had a slight but obvious reddish glow to it. the smoke itself was not colored, just the object that was creating the smoke. it then flew slowly directly over us, making no sound at all, and continued north until it passed the north horizon. we could then see the smoke or chemtrail very clearly stretching from the south horizon to the north horizon, which was quite strange.

we never did find the beer, but afterwards when we met up with the brothers we asked if they seen the same thing, they said they did not, but they made a good point after we described it to them. they said because we were able to see such a long trail of smoke, from horizon to horizon, it must mean that the object was flying very low. that would mean the complete silence of such a huge object would seem even stranger, if it was as low as it seemed. i myself wondered if the flashing headlights of the car, or flashing yellow light on top of the tow truck somehow got the objects attention, seeing how it flew directly over us all. either way it was a very strange unexplainable event. not as incredible as the incident a week before on green bay road, but considering that event was so close and also so recent, it makes me wonder if the two different incidents are related in any way.

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